Copycat Friday’s Sizzlin’ Chicken & Cheese

Copycat Friday’s sizzlin’ chicken and cheese takes all the flavors of the restaurant’s classic dish and puts them into this easy recipe. Save yourself a trip out to eat and satisfy your cravings right in the comfort of your own home with this cheesy chicken skillet!

copycat TGIFriday's sizzlin chicken & cheese on a flat cast iron skillet next to a pair of silverware

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Homemade Beefaroni

This classic homemade beefaroni is chock full of meat and pasta infused with Italian flavor. It’s a saucy 15 minute form scratch spin on an old childhood favorite that makes a filling lunch or dinner the whole family can enjoy. Ditch the can, and go with this one pot copy cat recipe to satisfy your childhood craving instead!

a white bowl filled with homemade beefaroni

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Copycat Costco Chicken Bake Recipe

This copycat Costco chicken bake recipe means now you don’t have to take a trip to Costco to enjoy their signature food court cult classic. A stromboli crust wraps around chicken, cheese and creamy dressing giving you a portable savory turnover perfect for lunch or dinner. Make them today!

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