Hi! I’m Meaghan. Welcome to my kitchen. Pull up a chair and get ready to dig into family friendly, easy recipes and meal ideas. 

I’m a self proclaimed, proud pickle snob and cheese lover. Aside from that, I’m also the mom to 4 busy boys, elementary school through college aged. My boys keep my husband and I busy, and boy, do they like to eat. A lot. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In this house, it’s necessary to make filling, fast, and budget friendly recipes. That’s what you’ll find here: quick, family friendly recipes. I’m a big fan of using tricks and shortcuts in my meals without sacrificing flavor. I like to the use the flavors from more time consuming dishes and use them to create a quick casserole that I can make with a fraction of the work. I also love using accessible ingredients like chicken or pasta that I can find in Costco or Kroger.  Why make easy recipes if you have to go on a scavenger hunt for the ingredients?

Occasionally, I have so much time left over from using one of my recipe shortcuts that I might even get a little creative outside of the kitchen. On these times, you can find me making a kids craft, putting together a birthday party, or doing a DIY project.

When I’m not dreaming up a new recipe, I like to take long walks to the chicken coop with my husband. We have quite a few chickens in our yard that we love. Outside of the chicken coop, you can find us generally having fun. We like to play board games, have movie nights, and make tons of fart jokes.

When I was little, I was convinced I’d marry Elvis. I’m glad that didn’t work out so well for me because instead I’ve been able to have this crazy life full of boys and share our adventures with you.

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