Squirt Gun Art

Late last month a whole new crop of pool toys and water guns have popped up at stores, nationwide, overnight. I’ve already noticed most of the pool sections have been ransacked and what’s left picked over. This is the perfect time to start looking out for deals. If you come across a package of squirt guns on sale, don’t hesitate to snag them. Beyond the pool, they’re great for making some really neat artwork. The sons couldn’t believe I’d handed them squirt guns full of paint. Yes, paint. It really was an exercise in trust. But, we were outside so I figured what’s the worst that can happen? Pictures completed they’ll cease squirting canvas and turn their weapons on each other. When they’ve run out of ammo, I’ll just hose the warriors down. (I had the forethought to use washable paint at least) Problem solved and great, healthy fun was had by all. Plus, they left me with some pretty snazzy art work to hang on the walls!

If you are looking for a fun, yet inexpensive, art project this summer then look no further. This water gun painting project was a blast and such a nice change of pace from the regular painting that we usually do! For the painting here, I used cheaper guns that I found in the dollar spot at Target, but don’t fear using the more expensive ones because from my experience the paint will not ruin the guns, it rinses away easily with water.

Squirt Gun Art

4 Sons 'R' Us: Squirt Gun Art

Tempera paint
Squirt Guns
Painters Tape (optional)
drop cloth or old sheet or even an old towel


1. Mix the tempera paint with a little water (a 50/50 mixture).
2. Use a measuring cup with a pour spout and slowly pour in the paint/water mixture.
3. Use the painters tape to make  a design on the canvas or just use the entire blank canvas, as is.
4. Go outside and go to town!
5. Lay the canvas out and wait for the paint to dry before taking the tape off or moving.

Holiday-Themed Sensory Bags

According to Buddy, the elf, “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” While I certainly believe this to be true, I can’t always just break out into song. I mean I could, but then everybody in the middle of Target would probably stare and there’s no way my kids would ever, EVER go out in public with me again. So, in the interest of self-preservation I have to reign it in. Sometimes. Like in public.

Still, I absolutely love to get my family, and pretty much everyone I know, into the holiday spirit, even the little ones who still aren’t quite sure what’s going on and why Mom’s dancing around and singing about a fat man with a scratchy beard. A holiday-themed sensory bag was my compromise with myself, and a favor to my kids. I mean, come on, spreading the love cheer and stimulating little minds and developing gross motor skills? That’s what I’d call winning!

The ‘Holiday-Themed’ Sensory Bag

4 Sons 'R' Us: The Holiday-Themed Sensory Bag

hair gel
ziplocking bag
decorative buttons or beads
strong tape


1. Squirt hair gel into a zip-locking bag.
2. Add in your decorative buttons, beads, etc and zip the bag closed making sure it’s secure.
3. For extra peace of mind re-enforce the top with tape so the bag can’t accidentally open.
4. Let your little ones squish it around and explore the different pieces included.

The ‘Snowman In A Bag’ Game

4 Sons 'R' Us: Snowman In A Bag

a large ziplocking bag
shaving cream
orange foam sheet
black felt
glitter, optional


1. Cut 6 small, ‘lumpy’ circles (you’re going for the lumps of coal look) from the black felt for the snowman’s mouth. Cut out two larger lumps for it’s eyes.
2. Glue the lumps onto the outside of your ziplocking bag to resemble a face. Let dry.
3. If using, add a little glitter to the inside of your bag. Squirt in a little shaving cream. Securely seal the bag closed and squish it around to mix up the glitter and shaving cream.
4. Cut a carrot shape out of the orange foam.
5. Put the carrot shape into the bag, making sure you securely seal the bag closed again.
6. Have fun watching/helping your little ones move the nose around until they’ve completed the face.

Don’t you just love ‘baggie’ projects? They’re so simple, but so fun, and all for practically free! These are great manipulative toys that all ages love. They are great for a rainy, dreary days when you can’t go outside. Let these help keep those little hands busy. You can squish and wiggle that snowman all afternoon. 🙂

How do you spread the cheer & get your family into the Holiday Spirit?

The 5 Minute, No Sew, Bottom Bunk-Bed Fort

I often hear the saying ‘Boys And Their Toys’, but after having four of my own, I feel like it should really be ‘Boys And Their Forts’.

It seems boys, or at least all four of mine, are biologically programmed to build forts.

Almost like clock work, their first fort seemed to signify their ‘christening’ into Toddler-dom. After that, the building never stopped.

Without fail, anytime I step foot into one of their bedrooms I find sheets strung up, taped up, tacked up. Up! B

ins have been used as room dividers, with blankets for doors, and pillows inside serving as child-sized divans for lounging and comfort.

While I love the little kingdoms they create for themselves in their world of blankets and imagination, sometimes we just don’t have time for all the construction, and eventual clean-up, that that kind of creativity requires.

When that happens, I go from being the beautiful ‘Mom Princess’, as the littlest son has dubbed me, to the mean old ogre storming the gates.

I hate ruining harmless fun. Then I really feel like a giant grouchy, green ogre.

Stumbling upon Laura’s idea for an easy, DIY Bunk Bed Fort was a Godsend.

It’s fast, easy, and there’s not a single thing to cut or sew! You can literally throw it up in 5 minutes.

There’s not even a mess to clean up afterwards, and it’s always ready and waiting to play.

Perfect for any ‘Mom Princess’ or ‘Queen of the Castle’, whether you’re raising young lords or little ladies, who wants to keep letting the good times roll, even when you’re running out of time.

The 5 Minute, No Sew, Bottom Bunk-Bed Fort

4 Sons 'R' Us: The 5 Minute No Sew Bottom Bunk Bed Fort- a striped curtain drawn on a tension rod across a wooden twin bunk bed

  • flat sheet, twin sized
  • 12-14 curtain rings with clips
  • tension rod


  1. Slide your curtain rings onto the tension rod.
  2. Mount the tension rod to the bunk bed.
  3. Fold your twin-sized, flat sheet in half, lengthwise.
  4. Attach the clips on the fold, spacing them as evenly as possible so the whole sheet is evenly held up.
  5. You’re ready for playtime!

Look how it works.  The curtain can be all tucked away when not in use, but just slide it closed for your very own Bottom Bunk-Bed Fort. The sheet easily un-clips for washing, and the tension rod is equally easy to remove whenever desired.

4 Sons 'R' Us: Bottom Bunk Bed Fort- a striped curtain drawn on a tension rod across a wooden twin bunk bed

Glow In The Dark Bathtime

Since my youngest was old enough to move, and kick his hands and feet, bath time has been his absolute, all-time favorite part of any day.

As he’s aged and grown, this hasn’t changed a bit.

Partly because of that, and because clean-up is easier, we do a lot of crafts and activities in the tub around bath time. A glow in the dark bath was definitely on my to-do list.

This was a huge hit with the boy.

So much so, that he built up an entire back story about how he was exploring in space and had found this plant on his rocket ship. It was a ‘blast’ (pun intended).

Simple to do, easy to clean up, and provides endless, thought-provoking entertainment.

My son’s ‘glowing’ reactions were confirmation enough that this activity was a total success.

Glow In The Dark Bath-time

4 Sons 'R' Us: Glow In The Dark Bathtime shows a toddler in the bathtub with neon yellow glowing water

  • 1-2 yellow highlighters (I bought a 3-pack at the Dollar Tree)
  • black light
  • bathwater 


  1. Break open the yellow highlighter, removing the cylinder ink pad. 
  2. Soak the ink pad, or pads, in bath water for about an hour, or until the pad loses its color.
  3. Note: You can dilute this A LOT and it will still glow; however, the more water you’re trying to color, the longer it may take the ink to disperse evenly throughout.
  4. To activate the ‘glow’, aim your black light at wherever the water is located and turn it on.
  5. Prepare to watch your children’s amazement!

Emoto’s Rice Experiment: How much power do words truly have?

This experiment is easy to do and is not time consuming, but the message for children, and even for adults, is priceless. The results are eye-opening. These are pictures of an at-home version of Emoto’s Rice experiment.

I apologize for not taking any before pictures, but these pictures are after the rice has sat in it’s airtight container for 4 months. These started as two empty tupper ware containers. I cooked about a cup of white rice, and put about 1/2 cup in each. Filtered water was added to fill it to the top. Then the lids were secured and taped to ensure it would remain air tight. Both the jars contain rice from the exact same batch and went into their containers with the exact same water at the exact same time. Even the containers used and the tape is identical. The ONLY difference are the words written and taped on top of the containers. When I taped the ‘LOVE’ the boys were asked to think ‘I love you’ and picture anything that they identified with love. I had them each say it aloud once. The exact same thing, but this time utilizing the word ‘HATE’ was done with the second container.  Now, after 4 months the ‘love’ rice smells slightly sweet, and is still pure white. It looks and smells like it’s still fresh enough to eat. The ‘hate’ rice has turned completely brown and smells rancid. It just looks rotten. Everything was exactly the same about these two containers, yet there is clearly a HUGE difference in the rice in each.

4 Sons 'R' Us: Emoto's Rice Ecperiment-- How much power does a word truly have? 4 Sons 'R' Us: Emoto's Rice Experiment

4 Sons 'R' Us: Emoto's Rice Experiment

It was amazing to see the actual power of our words and thoughts, and their impact on the things around us. It was a powerful message for my kids! Again nothing was put into these other than rice, and sterilized water. The only other ingredient was the thought behind each word. Then they sat and let those thoughts work on them. Looking at our tangible evidence, the conclusion we drew is that there is real power in words. Use them carefully.