PEEPS Pudding Cups

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, EITHER WAY, Peeps play an iconic role in Easter candy every year and for sure in my kids’ Easter baskets. My husband swears there’s nothing greater than a stale peep and they all look forward to seeing the newest creations every year. I thought the Hubs would lose his mind when he discovered orange cream Peeps, dipped in Orange Cream fudge a few weeks ago. So yeah, Peeps. I thought I’d show him and the kids a new way to enjoy their favorite Easter treats: PEEPS Pudding Cups!

Peeps Pudding Cups

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Despicable Me ‘Minion’ Easter Eggs

The sons all love the minions. Even my teens packed the couch for the newest installment of the franchise. I’ve actually had to take the fart gun away on occasion because while living in a house of dudes I can appreciate a good fart joke (obviously, I’m the one who bought them the thing), but even I have my limits some days. Still the Minions are adorable and they made the perfect little Easter egg craft, especially for the youngest son’s little hands. He though the idea was amazing, and it was simple enough for him to execute with minimal help from Mom. Any project that he can do on his own is almost always a hit, I mean who knew that 6 was the new 16? Mr. Independent!

Minion Easter Eggs 3

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Steak & Guinness Pie

This is the second of this year’s recipe trilogy in honor of Saint Patrick’s day. Guinness got just about everything right with their traditional stout, but one thing my father never told me as he slowly sipped it from an ice cold mug, is that it could be so much more than just a relaxing night cap. Last year we introduced you to our Guinness beef stew. This year we built on that idea and decided to put it in possibly the best dinner pie of all time. Steak and Guinness Pie is rich, it’s hearty, and embraces one of the tastiest Irish dinners of all time. Merging a beef pot pie with the tenderizing and fortifying flavors of Guinness stout is pure genius.

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Whipped Mashed Potatoes & Dijon Stout Gravy

Every year for St Paddy’s Day we enjoy some variation of Corned Beef & Cabbage. It’s tradition. And I almost always let my brisket slow cook. When it’s done? It’s so tender it’s like slicing through butter. The cabbage and carrots are like little sponges that absorb every ounce of the magically delicious broth. We pair it with a good glass of stout, and colcannon and you might find you open your mouth to talk only to have ‘Top of the morning to ya’ tumble on out. But, if you’re looking to up the anti, trust me, and include these creamy whipped mashed potatoes topped with our thick, rich Dijon stout gravy. 

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15 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day– Recipe Roundup

 Valentines Roundup
 Valentine’s Day is almost here again, and whether you’re looking to make a lil somethin’ for a loved one, or maybe just for yourself (hey, self love’s important too), we’ve got you covered. We have teamed up with a great group of bloggers in this recipe roundup to bring you a list of 15 ideas that are all relatively easy to make, and perfect for spreading the love to anyone of any age, even baby.

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Great Food For The Big Game: 50 Recipe Round-Up

Got a favorite NFL team? Hopefully, they’re headed for a championship game, but if you’re already out of the running like us, then you can at least sit back, and relax while you watch the rest of the championship games play out. And with all the good grub that that day promises, everybody’s got at least a little something to get excited about. Shoot, even before I knew what was going on on the field, and married into my team, I got excited about a game because game days meant great food. Always, but especially for the big game. And every year, win or lose, we’re having a party with lots of eats.
And because it should be about the game, or the ability to sit down and enjoy it, we’ve teamed up with several other blogs to bring you this list that features 50 recipes perfect for game day that are also all pretty easy to get together. Pick one. Pick a few. Pick em all. You can’t go wrong with anything on this list!

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