Italian Garlic Butter

There is no doubt that garlic butter is magnificent on warm bread. Any biscuit, bun, piece of bread (you name it) we serve this stuff on is usually snapped up in no time as soon as it comes to the table. But this savory and heavenly smelling compound butter can be used for a lot more. I’m not kidding, don’t hold back. Just go with it. Spread it on top of hot steak and watch as it melts to make an incredibly flavorful sauce. Or toss it with fresh pasta, or even use it for stir-frying vegetables.

You’re gonna melt over this easy recipe for such a savory spread. Use it and give your meal a little razzle-dazzle!

 Italian Garlic Butter

recipe adapted from Kleinworth & Co

Italian Garlic Butter

2 cups salted butter (4 sticks), softened
2 tbsp minced garlic
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 tbsp dried or fresh parsley


1. Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix together until completely incorporated.
2. Use the spread immediately or transfer it to an airtight container and store refrigerated, as you would your regular butter. Allow it to soften slightly before spreading.

14 thoughts on “Italian Garlic Butter

  1. I love your Italian Garlic Butter, it sure will be good on my French Bread. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and thanks so much for sharing this awesome post with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  2. Oh my gosh! This looks and sounds so stinkin good! You have me drooling at work! I am going to have to pin this and try my hand at making the butter because it just looks too good. Thanks for sharing. Stopping in from the link up today.

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