Instant Pot Turkey Breast

You can enjoy your turkey, and not have to buy a full size bird too. Make your dinner, and Holiday, easier with this quick & easy Instant Pot Turkey Breast recipe. The result’s a golden roasted, freshly seasoned and flavorful sliced entree in just 40 minutes.

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

Thanksgiving has always been a huge affair for us, full of fanfare in the form of rooms bulging at the seams with friends & family. Tables dressed to the nines, and overflowing with scrumptious food.

I’ve always loved it. Lived for it even. But what happens when the kids start leaving home, and you still want to celebrate- but the celebration needs to get smaller. Specifically, the amounts of food you cook. 

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

That 15-18 pound turkey you were used to cooking is just too much at this point. Of course, I wanted to chop, bag, and tag some leftovers. And yet I still couldn’t give away enough- even after all that.

I’d have chopped roasted turkey cumin’ out of my ears. It was almost laughable. I mean, let’s face it, despite my creativity there’s only but so many ways I was able to come up with to use those leftovers.

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

The logical choice was to downgrade the size of the turkey I bought.

So, instead of buying a full size one- I opted for a turkey breast instead. Smart move on my part, and I made sure to pat myself on the back for it too!

Sitting there, all proud of myself, I got to thinking about other ways I could make my life easier on the big day. Then I spied my  Instant Pot sitting on the shelf in the corner. Light bulbs didn’t just go off, they lit up that whole corner of my kitchen.

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

My turkey made in the pot- Instant Pot Turkey Breast! Super easy to prepare, 100 % guaranteed results for a gorgeous, golden roasted bird, and simple for me.

Not too mention it would free up valuable space in my oven, and a lot of my time.

The whole turkey breast went onto the trivet in the pot. Around it, I added sprigs of fresh thyme & rosemary. Also, garlic cloves, a quartered red onion, and a whole lemon for flavor and seasoning.

With the lid secured and the valve closed, I cooked it for 35 minutes at manual high pressure. My Instant Pot Turkey Breast came out moist, golden brown on top, and dripping juices. It couldn’t have been a better idea.

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

If you aren’t feeding a family reunion this year, then do yourself a favor and down-size. This Instant Pot Turkey Breast is even more flavorful than the real deal, and so much easier.

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Instant Pot Turkey Breast

A quick and easy recipe for your Thanksgiving turkey, this bird comes out golden brown, roasted to perfection- making a super flavorful, but smaller entree.
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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


  • 7-8 lb turkey breast
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 red onion quartered
  • 3 sprigs fresh thyme
  • 1 sprig fresh rosemary
  • 2 cloves garlic, quartered
  • 1 lemon


  • Set turkey breast on the trivet in the inner pot. Add the rest of the ingredients to the pot, placing them around the turkey.
  • Close the Instant Pot lid and turn the pressure valve to seal. Cook on manual high pressure for 35 minutes. 
  • Allow for a natural pressure release. Let the bird rest for a couple minutes before removing and transferring to a serving tray.
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2 thoughts on “Instant Pot Turkey Breast

  1. Funny – I just tried to talk my sister into cooking just a turkey breast and she said no. A few still like dark meat, she likes the look of it on her table and it smells good cooking in the kitchen – and it’s tradition! I’m with you! Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday.

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