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How To Throw A Doctor Who Themed Birthday Party

Learn how to throw a Doctor Who themed birthday party! Perfect to treat any fan to a fun themed birthday with treats and activities for a spine tingling good time!

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I love throwing over the topped themed parties for the sons.

While we’ve done other themes in the past that are geared towards younger kids or kids of all ages, this year’s Doctor Who birthday party was definitely geared towards an older group.

After all, the birthday boy was turning 14.

That didn’t deter me from making sure the food and decor was on point for my favorite Dr. Who fan.

What is Dr. Who?

Dr. Who is a British science fiction show about a time travelling doctor (Dr. Who of course).

The show initially started in 1963 and then got rebooted in 2005.

It can be suspenseful, thrilling, and full of adventure.

Dr. Who Party Decorations

There are lots of easy, inexpensive ways to make your Dr. Who party look fantastic!

Table Decor

You can find cheap, disposable colored table clothes at Walmart for $1. We used both blue and white table clothes (the show’s colors) to cover the food and gift tables.

I like to use collectibles we have on hand as easy decorations for our family parties that fit the theme.

For this party, it meant a Doctor Who yahtzee set my kids owned that’s shaped like the Tardis (the machine Dr. Who uses to travel through time).

doctor who themed party table

I also sat out several books we own including a couple of guide books and a boxed collection of Time Lord fairytales

Room Decor

We bought small cheap helium tanks that can be found in the party planning aisle in Walmart and a party pack that came with balloons, assorted hanging decorations, and happy birthday banner in the show’s colors. 

To use hang the balloons, use garland tape found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25.

doctor who themed party table

We also hung 40″x60″ banner/tapestry that shows the Tardis spinning through the cosmos which I attached to our china hutch as another Dr. Who background to finish the room decor.

Dr. Who Photo Background and Photo Booth Props 

To make a Dr. Who photo background, hang these Tardis door covers in a door way or use them to cover doors to achieve the same photo area.

tardis door covers in front of a hallway

And you can’t have a Tardis backdrop without a couple of props that pay homage to the classic moments from fan favorite episodes. Props we used include:

  • A fez because as 11 famously said ‘Fez’s are cool.’
  • To pay tribute to 10, our family favorite, we had 3-D glasses out for guests to enjoy.
  • On the BBC website I found a collection of downloadable Who themed photo props. After downloading them and printing them out on high quality photo paper, we cut them out and taped them onto wooden skewers.  I stuck them in a mason jar and sat them in the center of the table so guests couldn’t miss them.

Dr. Who Party Food

Adipose Marshmallows

Adipose are adorable little villains in the tv show that can be turned into cute elements of any Dr. Who themed birthday party.

adipose marshmallows on paper plates with a tube of white decorating frosting

To make these cute appetizers/snacks, we attached 2 mini marshmallows on the side of a large marshmallow for arms and two more on the bottom for legs with white decorating icing as glue.

adipose marshmallows on paper plates

After making their bodies, we drew on eyes and a smile with a food grade black marker.

Jammie Dodgers Jelly Bean

We had jelly beans (in place of Jelly Babies) to represent another classic Doctor’s favorite snack, Jammie Dodgers, an infamous British jam filled shortbread cookie beloved by The Doctor. 

adipose marshmallows on chocolate cupcakes on a cupcake stand

Fish Fingers and Custard

Dr. Who and Amy Pond infamously ate a combination of ‘fish fingers and custard’ upon his regeneration.

However in place of actual fish fingers and custard, we served Twinkies with small bowls of vanilla pudding on the side.

doctor who themed party table

Main Course

For the main course we kept things simple with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and a simple macaroni salad.

Pizza would’ve made an easy alternative.

We rounded it out with a few of our favorite dips and deviled eggs for some easy finger foods.

a tardis cake on a foil wrapped cardboard plate

Dr. Who Birthday Cake

The Dr. Who birthday party wouldn’t have been complete without a Tardis cake which is exactly what me made!

To make the cake, we made two 9×13″ yellow cakes and let them cool completely.

Once cool, we layered the cakes on a foil covered piece of cardboard and covered them with homemade buttercream we dyed blue.

To decorate the cakes, cut them with a sharp knife into a Tardis shape.

Then frost the whole thing with the blue buttercream.

a tardis cake on a foil wrapped cardboard plate

I then used tooth picks to trace out my lines, including the bottom two sets of windows and the police box wording and piped blue frosting for the main lines, and used the rest of the decorating frosting in a piping bag to pipe on the police box.

To make the windows, I used two squares of white chocolate for the top two windows.

I also ordered a Dalek and Cyberman Funko Pop, setting them on opposite sides of the cake for a complete and super cute centerpiece.

doctor who themed party table

Dr. Who Party Games

Since the birthday boy turned 14, we had a few Dr. Who themed games on hand including the Dr Who yahtzee set.

We also had a Race To The Tardis board game on hand for the kids to play.

three people in doctor who themed tshirts

Dr. Who Party Attire

The birthday boy always has to have a custom themed shirt.

This year he got a ‘Save the Daleks’ shirt from Amazon, while Dad got in on the action with a Beatles-esque Abbey Road themed shirt featuring the Tardis and several classic villains.

We love to hear from you!

Do you have other Doctor Who themed birthday party ideas?

I’d love to hear them!

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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