The Tooth Fairy Door

A few weeks ago son # 4 lost his first tooth. He got them all early, so I wasn’t at all surprised that he’d lose them early-ish too. I immediately knew it was time to get started creating his very own Tooth Fairy Door.

Tooth Fairy Door

 Two days after he first noticed one of his front teeth was loose, he bit into an apple and that was all she wrote. Tooth down! Repeat: TOOTH. DOWN.

Once the blood had stopped, and the crocodile tears of terror had dried up, he was able to embrace his new smile and the funny feeling hole.

It was at this point that Son # 4 first learned about the tooth fairy. The magical little lady, pixie, we couldn’t settle on exactly what she was, but what was important was that she trades in teeth.

Somewhere during our talk, the son wondered how exactly she was going to get into our home, and into his room, to sneak his tooth out from under him. And this is when we got out the tooth fairy door.

The magic little portal that would grant her access to our world and the sons’ room. Made total sense to him.

the tooth fairy door

We set up his ninja turtle nightlight to guard the door and make sure the tooth fairy wasn’t disturbed. We even found a trail of glitter the next morning marking her trail.

Best of all? She’d taken his tooth and left a whole dollar bill! (This is the tooth fairy people, not the Nobel peace prize. We try to keep it realistic around here. After your first tooth, you only get a quarter for each one after. And the sons are perfectly content. They’re not suffering.)

I figure that fairy doors are more than just adorable accents for children. They’re for parents, too. After all, if your child still believes in fairies, they’re not growing up too fast, no matter how many baby teeth they lose and when, right?

And this is our youngest. The last one. I’m going to savor all of these final firsts. I mean how long is he going to keep letting me call him my honey nugget whenever, wherever.

How much longer will he still insist on giving me a hug, a kiss, and a smug every night before bed? And how long until he’s grown and has lost this innocence that enables him to believe in wonderful things like magic and tooth fairies?!

We’re already onto loose tooth # 2 …

Back to the tooth fairy door. It couldn’t be any simpler. It’s just a doll house door (you can find that at any craft store) that we painted.

We used a LEGO piece for our door handle, but you can buy an actual doll house door knob from the craft store too for a more polished look. If you’ve ever seen any of the sons’ rooms after a single afternoon, you’ll know why I was ok with ours being a little ‘rough around the edges’.

The sons helped me slap some paint on the trim and the door, and within 30 minutes we were ready to roll.

Something so simple, and so cheap, yet so magical to our little guy.

Well, maybe not as magical as the $1 he found under his pillow the next morning. And maybe not even as magical as the chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles it bought him. But, still magical. 😉

4 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Door

  1. So cute!! How exciting for your littlest son! My son would be so jealous. He has been trying to wiggle his teeth for a good year now!
    I agree with you about keeping it realistic. I keep hearing reports about kids he knows getting 5 or 10 dollar bills. I don’t think so. Though, we are planning to put a special wallet under his pillow with the dollar in it for his first tooth. 😉

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