Sous Chef Sunday: Apple Pie Taquitos

I can’t think of anything more American to devour on Thanksgiving than an ooey-gooey heap of caramelized apples piled into a crispy, buttery crust.

A good apple pie can be oh-so-good, but a bad one, well, it’s just flat out depressing.

Unfortunately a lot can go wrong when it comes to the classic dessert, and I’ve yet to find/perfect a solid pie crust recipe. But the sons and I have found a way to still get our festive fix.

All the makings of a great apple pie, in a fun taquito shape. Apple Pie Taquitos. It’s genius!

And, again, it’s fun. And the sons and I are all about some fun. Serve em up warm from the oven with a drizzle of caramel syrup and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert you’ll really be thankful for!

Apple Pie Taquitos

Apple Pie Taquitos

recipe adapted from Jo Cooks

1 20 oz can of apple pie filling
12 medium soft tortillas
ΒΌ cup butter, melted
Β½ cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
caramel syrup, optional


1. Combine the cinnamon and sugar on a plate.
2. Empty the can of pie filling onto a cutting board and chop up the apples into bite-sized pieces.
3. Lay a tortilla flat and top with about 3 tablespoons of the apple pie filling. Tightly roll up the tortilla. Brush the outsides of the taquito with butter, then roll it in the sugar/cinnamon mixture to coat the outside. Place the taquito in a 9×13 inch baking dish. Repeat with remaining tortillas and apple pie filling.
4. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until the taquitos start to get golden on top. Drizzle with caramel syrup before serving.

44 thoughts on “Sous Chef Sunday: Apple Pie Taquitos

    1. Same here! All the sons have a healthy appetite and love fruit anywhere, anytime. Even for dessert! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be paying you a visit too πŸ™‚

    1. It’s fun and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all the other options there’d be for these. Pumpkin Pie anyone? With a little pumpkin pie spice and a hint of nutmeg?

    1. It does kind of look like that, doesn’t it? There’s nothing spread on them so I’m guessing it’s the flash on the inside of the tortilla. A cream cheese spread sounds like it might make a yummy addition though!

  1. Hi, did I do something wrong. I brush them in butter, rolled them in the sugar mixture. but they came out greasy and sticky. Tasted very good. No matter where I put them, out in the open, covered them up, covered in refrigerator, etc. they were still greasy and sticky. What did I do wrong. Want to make them again. Other than the fingers getting all messed up, they are great! Thank you.

    1. I know they’re a bit messy πŸ˜‰ as for them being greasy/sticky I’ve never had that happen. The tortillas should soak up the butter. My suggestion would be to try using less butter. You don’t *have* to use the entire amount, just a little to coat for crunchiness and so that the cinnamon and sugar stick.

    1. Oh no, Jo Ann! I’m sorry to hear that. We’re your tortillas fresh? I’ve found the less fresh mine are the stiffer, and harder to work with, they get. I fix that by putting them on a plate in the microwave, laying a damp, wring out paper towel overtop and nuking the, for a few seconds.

  2. They sound good,but I prefer fresh apples, don’t like canned apples to sweet for my tastes. Could I cook the on stove with some apple juice the add some corn starch to thicken before putting them in tortillas?

    1. They would, but I would first cook them in the pan according to the package directions before following the recipe. If you don’t they will probably still taste ok, but they won’t get crisp.

    1. Susan, I would recommend serving them warm. We’ve never had them last more than 30 minutes after being set out and they were always good up until that point. If you’re trying to do food prep in advance they could always be assembled before hand and baked right before you’re ready to serve. Hope that helps!

  3. I have made the apple pie filling with cream cheese in a pie shell. Rollout pie dough 12 to 14 inch round. Spread cream cheese in the middle, place pie filling on top of cream cheese fold pie shell over filling leaving a small opening in the middle bake like you would a pie. it is quick and super good. I have used apple, peach and cherry filling in pie and all have been great.

  4. Works well with uncooked/raw tortillas. Filling can be lemon curd/few tablespoons of cream cheese or any fruit filling and cream cheese

  5. Love this recipe – it has the same ingredients. I usually make Apple Pie Enchiladas. I use the canned apples and flour tortillas but use a mixture of melted butter, cinnamon and sugar that I pour over the enchiladas. Then bake then in a 350 oven for 30 minutes.

  6. Well … I know what I’m trying for dessert tonight! One of the first weeknights everyone will be home to sit down to dinner. Read all the comments here so I’m not 100% sure of who’s iteration I will use 😊. Thanks for the recipe and to everyone for their add ons!

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