D.I.Y. Candy Bouquet

Last month we went to watch my middle sister graduate from college. This was one of her ‘gifts’, also doubling as the centerpiece for the food table at her graduation party. My sister happens to have a soft spot for anything sweet and sugary so this was a perfect treat for her. The candy bouquet had originally been my mom’s idea, but the finished product was my youngest sister’s labor of love. All of the graduate’s favorite treats were featured. Recently, I’ve seen these in all the stores as a ‘sweet’ and trendy gift to give, but the mark-up on them is insane. With just a few items, several of which you probably already have in your home, you can make a beautiful ‘arrangement’ for a special someone with something to celebrate. I absolutely love this fun, new twist on the more traditional floral arrangement. Customizable, fun, and most importantly, edible! What more could you ask for from a ‘bouquet’?! Help¬†celebrate someone ‘sweet’ in your life, and commemorate a special day, with a personalized candy bouquet.

D.I.Y. Candy Bouquet

4 Sons 'R' Us: D.I.Y. Candy Bouquet

  • assorted full-size candy bars (6 were used here)
  • wooden skewers
  • strong tape
  • economy-sized bag of m&ms
  • clean, empty clear vase
  • ribbon (optional)


  1. Tape a wooden skewer to the back of each candy bar. Make sure enough tapes is used so that it’s securely attached.
  2. Add m&m’s to the bottom of a clean vase.
  3. Stick skewers into the m&m’s, adding more if necessary to hold the skewers in place.
  4. If using, tie decorative ribbon around the outside of the vase and tie a bow for the finishing touch. 

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