Zucchini Fritters with Chili Lime Mayo

Fritters are the yummiest way to showcase the best of Southern summer produce. These Zucchini Fritters with Chili Lime Mayo are a fun, fresh savory spin on the classic fried veggie. Paired with the spicy mayo for dipping, they make a tasty appetizer, side dish, or even a light meal all by themselves.

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Ranch Glazed Carrots

Simple side dishes don’t have to only come from the canned food aisle of the grocery store. This quick & easy glazed carrot recipe features fresh baby carrots cooked on the stove top until perfectly tender and bathed in a buttery ranch seasoned sauce. Ranch glazed carrots make a perfect addition to the dinner menu, but are also good cold- making them perfect for packed lunches.

ranch glazed carrots piled on a skinny white serving dish with a wooden spoon and fresh herbs in the background

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Maple Glazed Thyme Roasted Carrots

Do you like your vegetables? On the fence? Turn your veggies into something you love with these Maple Glazed Thyme Roasted Carrots. Tender roasted carrots are glazed with smooth maple syrup, sauteed with thyme leaves, and roasted to perfection. It’s sure to be your go to side dish for any meal.

Maple Glazed Thyme Roasted Carrots shown in a cast iron skillet

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