Shaving Cream Colored Easter Eggs

Most holidays I’m on top of things. I have the house decorated long before it’s socially acceptable. I have itinerary’s for each holiday activity and which day would be best to do it on leading up to the main event. For some reason though, I either remember the dying of the Easter eggs, or forget until bedtime the night before they’re supposed to be dry and in the kids baskets when the bunny’s come the next morning. This year I wised up and decided to get our eggs done a few days ahead of time. I also decided to change things up. Who would have guessed that using shaving cream to make colored Easter eggs would have even the teenagers wanting to get in on the action??

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PEEPS Pudding Cups

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, EITHER WAY, Peeps play an iconic role in Easter candy every year and for sure in my kids’ Easter baskets. My husband swears there’s nothing greater than a stale peep and they all look forward to seeing the newest creations every year. I thought the Hubs would lose his mind when he discovered orange cream Peeps, dipped in Orange Cream fudge a few weeks ago. So yeah, Peeps. I thought I’d show him and the kids a new way to enjoy their favorite Easter treats: PEEPS Pudding Cups!

Peeps Pudding Cups

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Despicable Me ‘Minion’ Easter Eggs

The sons all love the minions. Even my teens packed the couch for the newest installment of the franchise. I’ve actually had to take the fart gun away on occasion because while living in a house of dudes I can appreciate a good fart joke (obviously, I’m the one who bought them the thing), but even I have my limits some days. Still the Minions are adorable and they made the perfect little Easter egg craft, especially for the youngest son’s little hands. He though the idea was amazing, and it was simple enough for him to execute with minimal help from Mom. Any project that he can do on his own is almost always a hit, I mean who knew that 6 was the new 16? Mr. Independent!

Minion Easter Eggs 3

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