Easy Fabric ‘Roads’

What is about hotwheels/matchbox cars and boys? It’s like love at first sight. In an instant they’ve formed a long-lasting, unbreakable bond. I can always be sure son # 4 has at least one of his little metal cars tucked in a pocket of his dirty, discarded jeans. Despite numerous pocket checks, there is always one waiting for me in the washer and/or the dryer. I’ve always loved those cute little carpets covered in roads and scenery just for pushing their little cars along, but they are ridiculously expensive. Out of my frugal budget, by far. Also, while the cars go everywhere with us, a big bulky rug isn’t portable or practical for on-the-go entertainment. These easy DIY fabric roads were a perfect solution, and with 4 sons there’s always a pile of old, holey jeans ready to serve as scraps of denim. After a few weeks of the youngest son playing with them at home, I rolled them up and stuffed them in a leftover zippered pouch from a twin sheet set, added a few cars, and have it tucked in the glove compartment for easy access on the go.

Easy Fabric ‘Roads’

4 Sons 'R' Us: Easy Fabric Roads

old denim jeans
sharp, sturdy scissors
yellow paint
sewing machine, optional


1. Take any old pair of jeans and cut out whatever road shaped pieces you’d like. I made several long straight roads, turn arounds, curvy roads, an intersection, and even a round-about.
2. If you’re worried about fraying, use a sewing machine and do a quick zig-zag stich around the outer edges.
3. Using the yellow paint add road marks. Let dry and then let the creative fun begin!