Squirt Gun Art

Late last month a whole new crop of pool toys and water guns have popped up at stores, nationwide, overnight. I’ve already noticed most of the pool sections have been ransacked and what’s left picked over. This is the perfect time to start looking out for deals. If you come across a package of squirt guns on sale, don’t hesitate to snag them. Beyond the pool, they’re great for making some really neat artwork. The sons couldn’t believe I’d handed them squirt guns full of paint. Yes, paint. It really was an exercise in trust. But, we were outside so I figured what’s the worst that can happen? Pictures completed they’ll cease squirting canvas and turn their weapons on each other. When they’ve run out of ammo, I’ll just hose the warriors down. (I had the forethought to use washable paint at least) Problem solved and great, healthy fun was had by all. Plus, they left me with some pretty snazzy art work to hang on the walls!

If you are looking for a fun, yet inexpensive, art project this summer then look no further. This water gun painting project was a blast and such a nice change of pace from the regular painting that we usually do! For the painting here, I used cheaper guns that I found in the dollar spot at Target, but don’t fear using the more expensive ones because from my experience the paint will not ruin the guns, it rinses away easily with water.

Squirt Gun Art

4 Sons 'R' Us: Squirt Gun Art

Tempera paint
Squirt Guns
Painters Tape (optional)
drop cloth or old sheet or even an old towel


1. Mix the tempera paint with a little water (a 50/50 mixture).
2. Use a measuring cup with a pour spout and slowly pour in the paint/water mixture.
3. Use the painters tape to make  a design on the canvas or just use the entire blank canvas, as is.
4. Go outside and go to town!
5. Lay the canvas out and wait for the paint to dry before taking the tape off or moving.