Sous Chef Sunday: Crockpot Ham & White Bean Soup

This Crockpot Ham & White Bean Soup is an easier, set it and forget it variation of the classic. It’s super simple with a very short ingredient list, which can make it quite a delightful surprise when you first dig in and discover just how incredibly flavorful it is.


Do any of you other Moms & Dad’s make your kids cook? Because apparently that is listed under to ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ category on Friday nights.

Ya know, the weekly fend fo yo-self night. Son # 2 acts like it’s just unconscionable that his mother wouldn’t want to slave over the stove or toil away in the kitchen for him for one evening a week. Because apparently that’s my job. Ha!


So, fend for yourself night. Nothing new around these parts, but you’d never know it when listening to the complaining chorus.

Any who, it’s pretty simple make what you want, and leftovers are always divided evenly among the boys. Sometimes though, one son will decide that’s not sufficient, or maybe he’s just having a golden child moment, and decides he’s going make dinner for everyone. While years ago that would have been boxed mac and cheese (because that’s where they were at), it’s now an actual meal … something say, like Mom would make 😉

While I’ve always been adamant that my boys know there way around the kitchen and be self sufficient, I wasn’t satisfied with knowing how to follow the directions on a packet of pasta, or scramble a few eggs.

(Oh, and to make sure we all know/knew what we were doing we took it back to the stone age by deciding against owning a microwave)

Within the past few months or so though, they’ve caught onto a little piece of meal magic though. The CROCKPOT.

Turns out I’m not the only one who can throw a few ingredients in that sucker and have dinner ready in a few hours.


It’s Friday? You know where the family recipe books are. Pick one and work together, or there’s always grilled cheese and a can of tomato soup.

Or Ramen noodles. I did say it was fend for yourself night, didn’t I? 

Behold! The sons did not in fact starve this week!! So we’re here to share their latest creation … crockpot ham and white bean soup.

And it’s good you guys.


Want to know what’s even more ironic?

I made this for them two weeks ago for supper, and you should have heard the resounding complaining chorus. Because, soup. Of any kind. For dinner. My, my … how the tables have turned.



Crockpot Ham & White Bean Soup
A simple but filling soup that's made in the crockpot. With how flavorful it is, your guests will be shocked at how few ingredients it requires.
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  1. 1 lb of dried Great Northern Beans, rinsed and sorted through
  2. about 1 lb of ham, large pieces
  3. 6 cups of chicken stock or broth
  4. 1 medium white onion, diced
  5. salt and pepper, to taste
  6. parsley, to taste
  7. oregano, to taste
  1. Place all ingredients in crockpot, and stir them all together.
  2. Cook on low for 8 hours.
  3. Ladle into bowls and serve warm.
  1. W either serve this soup with cornbread, or crusty dinner rolls. Trust me, you want something to sop up the juices in the bottom of the bowl!
  2. This meal can also be made ahead of time, or in a double batch, and frozen until ready to use. Just thaw, reheat, and enjoy!
4 Sons 'R' Us

See? So simple– a child can do it.

Pictures Updated 9/16/16

Crockpot Ham & White Bean Soup



12 thoughts on “Sous Chef Sunday: Crockpot Ham & White Bean Soup

  1. Both of my sons now 23 and 26 own crockpots! Nothing better than setting the crockpot to make magic while you are off to class or now, work. Growing up with Doctor Mom they definitely learned to fend for themselves in the kitchen. And they learned quickly that girls swoon for boys who can cook.

    1. Any really. If you’ve got leftover ham, or meat still on the ham bone, from a big dinner you can use that. We’ve also chopped up ham steaks or even made it using pre-packaged diced ham bought in the meat section.

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