Papa John’s New Pan Pizza

The next better thing is here. Papa John’s NEW Pan Pizza. With thick, hearty crust that’s light and fluffy crispy edges and cheesy caramelized goodness, a robust sauce, and three of your favorite toppings– this is the pan pizza you’ve been dreaming of. 


It’s a good thing college prepared me for how much boys, big or little, love pizza. You’d probably find the amount of pizza my kids can consume in one sitting alternatively surprising and off-putting, maybe even gross. Who am I to judge? When they were younger they voted for pizza every night of the week.


For a long time we’d all happily enjoy it at least once a week, usually as a time saver on a busy night or as grub for game day. Pizza and football were made to go together. For whatever reason, we’d really stopped ordering it on a regular basis. That all changed this weekend when we discovered the new pan pizza that Papa John’s was now offering. We did not wait. We didn’t think about it. It was a no-brainer and we were practically ready to run all the way to our local store to get our hands on some.


Guess what was for dinner?? I’m happy to report that it did not disappoint folks. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is NOT a drill. Papa John’s now has pan pizza and it’s as easy on the eyes as it is in your mouth. While it may have taken 100 pans and 30 years the perfect– it was worth the wait. 


Right now you can get a medium, 3 topping pan pizza for only $10. Each one is made uniquely for you, and we took advantage of that to get two topped with our favorite flavor combinations. On our tomato sauce based pizza we opted for sausage, pepperoni, and extra cheese. The other we subbed barbecue sauce and topped it with grilled chicken, bacon, and again extra cheese. Hand crafted with fresh, never frozen original pan dough without artificial ingredients or preservatives– it’s comfort food you can feel relatively good about eating. How often can you say that?

The sons’ liked it so much that they didn’t want to share– not with us, not even with each other. Good thing that there’s a great deal running so that I can order enough to go around. Well enough to go around so that everyone’s satisfied.


Be prepared for a stress free game day. Keep dinner delicious AND stress free on busy weeknights. Head on over here to find great deals and coupons to use for your own family. One thing’s for sure– you don’t want to miss out on this yummy new crust option from Papa John’s. Let us know what you think in the comments!!

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