Great Food For The Big Game: 50 Recipe Round-Up

Got a favorite NFL team? Hopefully, they’re headed for a championship game, but if you’re already out of the running like us, then you can at least sit back, and relax while you watch the rest of the championship games play out. And with all the good grub that that day promises, everybody’s got at least a little something to get excited about. Shoot, even before I knew what was going on on the field, and married into my team, I got excited about a game because game days meant great food. Always, but especially for the big game. And every year, win or lose, we’re having a party with lots of eats.
And because it should be about the game, or the ability to sit down and enjoy it, we’ve teamed up with several other blogs to bring you this list that features 50 recipes perfect for game day that are also all pretty easy to get together. Pick one. Pick a few. Pick em all. You can’t go wrong with anything on this list!

Now that we have your menu planned, it is time to make your party a little extra festive.  Katie from Love My Messy Messy Mess made a printable prop sheet for you to use!  Now get those invitations sent, we’re ready to party!


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